Taking a Solo Trip to Bali



Traveling solo is something that some people are not keen on doing for varied reasons. Some people are intimidated by the idea of setting out to unfamiliar places alone, which is understandable given the potential risks. But to say that solo travel is far more dangerous than traveling with others would not be fair. Many have done it and came back safe with lots of fascinating stories to tell. It would be fair to say that travel in itself is a risky affair just like many things in life.

While there are places to avoid for solitary travelers, there are still many destinations across the globe where you can visit on your own. You can plan a solo trip to Bali and explore the island at your own pace. One of the perks of solo traveling is that liberating feeling of being free to do whatever you want to do. You do not have to worry about sticking to an agreed itinerary and ruining other people’s plans if you suddenly have the yearning to do something else.

Bali is a great place to just be and go with the flow if you want to. There are places where you can bask in tranquil surroundings and find some quiet if you want to. The island also has a vibrant nightlife for when you want to party and lose yourself in crowds of locals and tourists. It is one of the best spots to start solo traveling and experience being in a place alone without really missing out on the all the fun you can have.

Helpful Tips to Relax and Eliminate Stress


Life is full of ups and downs. There’s no such thing as perfect life. Stress, obstacles, challenges, are some of the things that make us depressed and down.

But fortunately, stress can be reduced and eliminated! Through relaxation and comfort, you can ease the stress of your busy life.

Waking up, eating, bathing, commuting, working, leaving the office, then repeat. That might be your life routine. If I guessed it right, then you’ll need something that will inspire and pamper you. Let’s proceed and find out some helpful tips to relax and eliminate stress.

Plan more adventure

Plan Some Amazing Adventure Like This

Break the boring routine of your life. Do something that you think will spice up your life.

Find an entertaining hobby, take a long vacation break, and spend more time relaxing. Overworking isn’t good for your body. Besides, there’s lots of relaxing and entertaining activities you can do to achieve the comfort you deserve.

Go outdoors

Instead of staying at home doing nothing during your free time, try going outdoors.

Feel the peaceful environment around you. Going outdoors can help you relax and find more inspiration in life. Don’t spend too much time indoor, go out and let the moment and environment inspire you.

Set an ideal vacation

Have A Break From All The Stress!

Who doesn’t love long vacations?

The freedom you have in your vacation without thinking about work is one of the greatest feeling ever. This is what you need and deserve for all your hard work and dedication. Before the vacation, organize the things you should do to avoid unexpected difficulties and have the best relaxing moments of your life.

Relaxing is one of the best ways to relieve and reduce stress. Follow and do these helpful guides to achieve the complete relaxation you deserve. If things aren’t going well, just simply take a break and relax!

Aside from vacations and wild adventures, coffee can also make you feel better! Feel and experience the unique taste of the best micro lots coffee. Feel free to visit it for more information.

Street Food Watchlist – Cheap and Delicious Foods to Try When Traveling


A trip to Thailand introduced me to the culinary delights of street food. I experienced eating from some food stalls in the past. But I don’t usually go out of my way to find them. After Thailand though, I’ve made eating street food a part of the must-have experiences I want to have in my trips. I’ve tried a lot of tasty treats since I started doing this. But I still haven’t scratched the surface. There are still many places to see and foods to taste. And here’s a few of the ones on top of my list:

Batu Maung Satay (Malaysia)

I haven’t been to Malaysia. But it’s on my growing list of destinations. A friend who’s been there recommended that I try the grilled skewered meat they call batu maung satay. She knows I’m into street food now so she’s sharing some ideas based on her first-hand experiences.

Crêpes (Paris)

Crepes are among the most common food I can get anywhere here at home. I could actually make some if I want. But a trip to Paris won’t be complete for me if I haven’t tried their crepes. I want to pay homage to one of my favorite foods in the world in the city that’s known for them.

Dumplings (Hong Kong and China)

A visit to Hong Kong or China should include a side trip to a food stall selling scrumptious dumplings. I like them freshly cooked which somehow adds to the sensations of eating such flavorful treats. I’ve had some pork and shrimp dumplings in various restaurants at home and in some of the places I’ve traveled to. But I bet there’s nothing like those dumplings sold in the streets of Hong Kong or China.

Gaeng som (Thailand)

Thailand has a vibrant street food scene for good reasons. The country has a wide-array of tasty foods that you can get for cheap from food stalls you find in streets. The sour curry with shrimp was one of the most memorable ones for me. Gaeng som will definitely be on my list the next time I visit that wonderful place.

Tacos (Mexico)

Eating tacos in Mexico has long been one of the things I want to do someday. That’s on top of the many other dishes I’d like to taste while there like burritos, tamales, and tortillas. I imagine that this would be an experience I’d really enjoy.

5 Things to Do from the Bucket List

I like bucket lists although I’ve been told that it’s not really the thing right now. I’m not sure what that meant. But I still like the idea of writing down goals and filing them under my bucket list project. It motivates me to work on them. Somehow the act of listing them down is like making a commitment to do them instead of just thinking about them.

Run a Marathon
Ten kilometers is the farthest distance I’ve ran so far. I’m not the sporty type. But I’ve recently developed a passion for running. I started with a twice a week walk-run program a friend gave me. And I’ve progressed to running five times a week. I’m covering more distances than before. The marathon is like a big challenge that a part of me things I wouldn’t be able to do. But it’s something that I’d want to give a try at least once in my life. I want to finish one no matter what it takes.

Visit Kyoto, Japan
I’d love to travel to Japan and Kyoto is definitely on the long list of places I want to see when I’m there. I want to see the cherry blossoms in springtime or the autumn foliage. For mean, a Japan trip will never be complete without visiting Kyoto. I’d like to see the temples and shrines. There are also numerous heritage sites there that I want to see. I’d like to experience bathing at an onsen and eating those delicious Japanese foods.

Visit Petra, Jordan
Petra is breathtaking even in pictures. It’s one of those ancient places I want to explore. I can’t imagine the stories behind all those tombs found there. It would be a great experience to see all the scenic views in that part of the world.

Travel by train across Europe
Traveling across Europe is a longtime dream. There’s something about trains that I find fascinating. Going on a train trip is my idea of a great vacation. It allows me to soak in more of the scenic views along the way. It’s like no matter how briefly, I get to see parts of the places I pass by.

Trek across the Andes in Peru
Beautiful landscapes, lush forests and vegetations, and other mesmerizing sights are among the biggest draws of the Andes for me. I’d like to experience trekking across the mountains and ending my trip at Machu Picchu.

6 of the Best Things about Solo Traveling


When was the last time you traveled alone? If you’re anything like me, you’d probably be uncomfortable with the idea of setting off into the unknown on your own. I used to be scared by the idea of traveling alone. I think there’s nothing wrong with feeling a bit worried about the idea of going solo in unfamiliar places. There’ll always be that part of us that wants some measure of comfort even as traveling already pushed us to step out of our I-feel-safe-here zone. It wasn’t until I finally took the leap that I began to understand how liberating and uplifting solo travel can be. For me, the following are some of the best things about solo travel:

1. A time for self-discoveries. I thought I knew myself to the core until I traveled solo. I went to Bangkok on my own because a friend who was supposed to go with me backed out at the last minute. I was tempted to cancel the trip. I haven’t gone on a trip by myself before. I tend to travel with a group or at least with someone even within the country. I couldn’t imagine traipsing in a city thousands of miles away by myself. But for some reason, I went ahead with the trip. After making some adjustments from the initial plans, I set off into what turned out to be one of the best adventures I’ve had in my life. It was during this trip that I discovered more about myself. I learned that I can rely on myself to get through tough situations. Going solo also taught me that I enjoy the freedom of being alone.

2. Getting comfortable in my own skin.
I’m a fairly independent person. But it wasn’t after my first solo travel that I realized that I wasn’t as independent as I imagined myself to be. The responsibilities of planning a trip and taking charge of everything that’s need while on the road are often spread around everyone in the group. But when you’re alone, you have to do everything on your own. And sometimes, you don’t have what you need at the moment to make things easier for you. I’ve experienced this while in Bangkok. I couldn’t rely on anyone I know for help. It’s either I do things on my own or reach out the kind people around me who proved to be willing to lend a hand to a stranger. The experience made me more comfortable in my own skin.

3. Facing fears head-on. I’m not good at following directions. I had fears of getting lost and failing to find my way back. So the idea of solo traveling is discomfiting at best. The great thing about traveling with a group is that if we do get lost, we’d at least have each other as we try to figure things out. It was only when I was exploring on my own that I learned to face that fear head-on. And it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I actually ran into a bit of trouble going back to my hotel after getting myself lost walking around the area. But I managed to get back on trap with the help of some helpful locals.

4. Making new friends. Solo travel encouraged me to get out of my shell when traveling. Without the company of family or friends, I began talking to strangers more. I’ve met travelers from many countries in the world. I’ve learned about their culture and some even became friends. I’m happy to say that I now have more friends in different continents than I used to have before my solo trips.

5. Making my own choices. Group travel is about compromise. The more number of people in the group, the more adjustments everyone has to make. It’s a great thing because of the diverse experiences we get from doing the things we wouldn’t have thought of if we’re alone. But the downside of this is that I tend to miss out on the things I really want to do. With soloing though, I make my own choices. I can squeeze in whatever I want in my itinerary. And there’s always room for randomness. I find that this makes traveling a lot more fun.

6. It’s safer than I thought. I was focused on the dangers of solo travel which was part of the reason why I was against the idea before. But I learned that despite the risks involved, it’s safer than I thought. I just need to be more careful with my choices. I’ve found the balance of staying alert without being really scared to explore new things. And I make sure that I listen to advice especially on the ground.