5 Things to Do from the Bucket List

I like bucket lists although I’ve been told that it’s not really the thing right now. I’m not sure what that meant. But I still like the idea of writing down goals and filing them under my bucket list project. It motivates me to work on them. Somehow the act of listing them down is like making a commitment to do them instead of just thinking about them.

Run a Marathon
Ten kilometers is the farthest distance I’ve ran so far. I’m not the sporty type. But I’ve recently developed a passion for running. I started with a twice a week walk-run program a friend gave me. And I’ve progressed to running five times a week. I’m covering more distances than before. The marathon is like a big challenge that a part of me things I wouldn’t be able to do. But it’s something that I’d want to give a try at least once in my life. I want to finish one no matter what it takes.

Visit Kyoto, Japan
I’d love to travel to Japan and Kyoto is definitely on the long list of places I want to see when I’m there. I want to see the cherry blossoms in springtime or the autumn foliage. For mean, a Japan trip will never be complete without visiting Kyoto. I’d like to see the temples and shrines. There are also numerous heritage sites there that I want to see. I’d like to experience bathing at an onsen and eating those delicious Japanese foods.

Visit Petra, Jordan
Petra is breathtaking even in pictures. It’s one of those ancient places I want to explore. I can’t imagine the stories behind all those tombs found there. It would be a great experience to see all the scenic views in that part of the world.

Travel by train across Europe
Traveling across Europe is a longtime dream. There’s something about trains that I find fascinating. Going on a train trip is my idea of a great vacation. It allows me to soak in more of the scenic views along the way. It’s like no matter how briefly, I get to see parts of the places I pass by.

Trek across the Andes in Peru
Beautiful landscapes, lush forests and vegetations, and other mesmerizing sights are among the biggest draws of the Andes for me. I’d like to experience trekking across the mountains and ending my trip at Machu Picchu.